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The size of lodge you purchase should be determined by size of family, how often you plan to use it, and the usual length of time you will have it up. The most important factor is how far you will be traveling. Poles over 30 ft. are difficult to transport. My wife, four children and myself have lived in a 20' lodge at many rendezvous, and felt this was a good size for our family. 25' to 30' poles transported on top of our pickup easily.

Listed are the number of people you can accommodate in each lodge size including plunder (personal belongings, cooking gear, etc.): 12' - 1 to 2; 14' - 2 to 3; 16' - 4; 18' - 5 to 6; 20' - 6 to 7; 22' - 8 to 10.

You can sleep larger numbers, but with a fire and gear it becomes uncomfortable and possibly dangerous.

I have slept 18 boy scouts in a 20' lodge, no fire and nose to toes.

Our lodges are made according to the Laubin pattern which we feel is the most authentic.

Over the years, we have reinforced more areas and have made minor changes (size of door, etc.) as these changes have become desirable and necessary.

Widths do vary with size of lodge and available material, normally four to five strips. All seams are double sewn. Edges are hemmed unless salvage edge used. Bottom edge is hemmed to keep from fraying. Lacing pin holes are stitched by hand and no grommets are used. The thread is a polyester core with cotton outer shell for an authentic look and not a shiny nylon. We do not use stake loops as these are not authentic. Instructions for attaching stake loops in the proper way are included.

The prices listed are for Sioux or Cheyenne tipis. The only difference between a Sioux and Cheyenne lodge is the smoke flaps on the Cheyenne have an extension on the bottom which helps keep out rain. They are the same otherwise in all respects. (See detail R.K. Lodges tipis). Please specify or we will ship a Cheyenne style.

Our liners are made in three sections (see diagram) and are adjustable to fit your lodge when the cover is set down tight to the ground for winter and cold weather or up to 10 inches off the ground for hot weather. Ties are attached for tying to poles and rope, but can be left off. Please specify.

We can furnish a one-piece liner on request, but we do not recommend these, as they are much harder to handle when setting up or taking down. Also, to fit properly your cover has to be set the same all the time to fit your liner. Please allow one week extra for one piece liners, as we do not stock these.


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